I hope you can find these various resources useful to you both with the integration of technology and running the classroom in general. Please keep in mind that many of the activities are appropriate for Pre-K to Grade 1 but adapt as you see fit! Please let me know if you find other ideas I can include here!

Literacy Stations

I use literacy work stations as activities for those students with whom we are not working in small groups. This could be when we are conducting guided reading or other small group remediation or conducting assessments. I find them to be a great method of class management as well as a way for students to stay actively engaged and learning when they are not directly working with an adult.

Debbie Diller is a great resource for literacy station ideas and management. Some of the station files on here are based on her book, Literacy Work Stations: Making Centers Work. All files are in .doc format for now. As I have time I will convert to .pdf. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can download OpenOffice which is a comparable set of programs to Microsoft Office and can open all forms of Office files.

external image msword.png literacy stations.docThis is a file that contains a page for each station with a list of potential activities for each station. I found this to be too much for K students but for students who are stronger readers, can be a good sign to have at each station.
external image msword.png Station Ideas during Guided Reading.docThis is a document that is a compilation of ideas from the K team at my district.
external image msword.png smallliteracy stations signs4.docThis document contains 1/2 sheet signs for each station. I also have a second set of signs printed that I use for the management board which tells students which station they are in for the day. Students do get free choice once in a while, but I typically plan curriculum-based activities that I want them to experience and don't want them to miss any of the stations.
external image msword.png I have to.docexternal image msword.png Icansigns.docThis is what we went to instead. It is a blank sign for each station on which we would put the "have to" or the activity that students needed to complete first at the station. We also had an "I Can" sign there with a list of activities they could choose from once the initial activity was completed. We found this to be cumbersome for us to change on a weekly basis, and again, most students were unable to use it and it was more to help the parents and aides who were supervising the stations. For older students or readers, they would be beneficial.
external image msword.png Station Directions.docWe decided to use this as a management tool. We would give this to any parent helpers or aides so they would know what was expected at each station. This cut down on interruptions.

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