Reading Online: Tools to Help Young Readers
Wednesday, August 11Laura Buffington Room 208 Audience: Elementary Teachers
LEQ: How can online tools be used to help students develop good reading skills and habits (such as fluency, CAPS, comprehension, phonics, phonemic awareness, etc.)?
Interactive Web Sites
Use interactive web sites for mini-lessons, read alouds, centers, and computer lab lessons. Balance teacher-selected stories and allow opportunities for student choice.
K-2; interactive games and stories (mostly phonics)
International Children’s Library
K-6; full text stories from around the world
Storyline Online
K-6; listen to children's literature read by famous members of the Screen Actor's Guild
Children's Storybooks Online
K-Young Adult; full text, some with audio
ABC Fast Phonics
K-1; sister site to Children's Storybooks, phonics lessons with audio

Roy- Tale of a Singing Zebra
K-2; phonics games, guided reading books (to project), worksheets, songs
eBooks for Young Readers
K-2; guided reading books to project or print, some may be edited, some have Canada focus
Literactive (login)K-2; animated nursery rhymes, guided reading books, and poetry, picture books, worksheets
Book Adventure (login) K-8; free sign-up, create classes and keep track of student progress, students can use a tool to help them find books at their reading level and interest, printable games, online quizzes for books students have read, prizes can be received for accumulating various numbers of points, printable awards
Reading is Fundamental
K-2; click on the whale to listen to quality children's literature, games more geared to K
Into the Book
K-5; great resource for teachers w/ videos and lessons plans for teaching 8 reading strategies, student are has interactive games to practice each strategy, can combine strategies as well, games would be done whole group with younger students, older students could do independently, many of the monthly focus strategies included

Between the Lions
K-2; online games, stories, video clips, many downloadable video resources as well
K-2; read/listen to books, play games, print activities/crafts
Kids Corner (Beatrix Potter)
Read many Beatrix Potter stories along with other classic children's literature
Lil’ Fingers
K-1; listen to stories, play games
Mighty Books
K-2; subscription required for full access but many free stories w/ audio, poems, worksheets, songs
Berenstain Bears
K-3; interactive books (no audio, good for projection), videos, activities

Story Place
K-3; interactive stories, games and printable activities
Wacky Web Tales
3+; Mad Libs
K-Middle School; specific phonics/grammar/reading games, flashcards, worksheets
Book Builder
K-12; create your own books w/ audio and questions during the story or search already made books, view/listen online, print or download
K-2; read Spot stories, write your own Check out your favorite author/book character web sites as well for online resources! Post what you find on the discussion tab!
Children’s Books Online (Page Zipper)K-Adult; many books, more traditional/older versions, some with audio

Online Tools
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What other tools do you currently use? Post to the wiki Discussion Tab at the top to collaborate with the group!
Turn and Talk Summarizer: What tool do you feel you can implement immediately? How will you incorporate the tool into your classroom?

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